IGNITE Dance Academy Recreational Classes

IGNITE Dance Academy is Fire House Gym’s Brand New Dance Program. We are excited to welcome many new qualified dance instructors from all over the country to the Fire Family. From ballet, tap, and jazz, to contemporary, hip hop, and strength classes, IDA will strive to make each dancer as well rounded and hardworking as possible. It is our mission to ignite a passion for dance within each dancer that steps into the studio.

Fall Dance Classes


Pre-Ballet – Saturday 9am-10am

Ballet 1 – Saturday 10am-11am

Ballet 2 – Thursday 4pm-5pm

Beginner Pom – Monday 4pm-5pm

Making the Team – Saturday – 11am-12noon

Contemporary – Thursday 5pm-6pm

Intermediate Jazz – 8pm-9pm

Advanced Jazz – Thursday 9pm-10pm

Beginner Hip Hop – Tuesday 5pm-6pm

Intermediate Hip Hop – Tuesday 730pm-830pm

Advanced Hip Hop – Tuesday 830pm-930pm

Dance/Tumble – Wednesday 445pm545pm

Class Tuition is $73 a month

New Athlete Registration Fee is $35

Call 815-759-1400 to register today!

Questions? Call (815) 759-1400 or email jadler@myfirehousegym.com