All-Star Cheer Program

We pride our program in training athletes to be physically and mentally strong individuals who believe in family and get the utmost out of the sport besides the activity it self! We offer Tiny Level 1 -Worlds Senior Level 5 ! We strongly believe in growing kids to be the best people they can be. Here are Fire House Gym every athlete makes a team.

Where will your athlete fit?

Below is a guide on how teams are split, however, more elements go in to making forming a team.  Questions about joining? Contact Coach Kristy at


Team Age Breakdown:
Tiny: 3-6yrs old
Mini: 8 years old and under
Youth: 11 years old and under
Junior: 14 years old and under
Senior Level – 12-18 years old

We Offer:
Full Season Teams: May- April
Prep & Tiny Teams: Sept-Dec & Jan-April
Quarter Season Teams: Feb- April
Cheer Abilities Team “Fireworks” – All Ages – Sept-April

Breakdown of Tumbling Levels/Skills Necessary:

Level 1
Standing: Forward/backward roll, front walkover/back walkover- toe touch forward roll- back walkover- toe touch, cartwheels
Running: cartwheels, round offs, round off back walkover, front walkover

Level 2
Single back handspring, back walkover-back handspring combo, one hand cartwheel
Running: Round off- back handspring, round off- back handspring series, front walkover-round off-back handspring, round off-back handspring step out-round off- back handspring

Level 3
Standing: Series back handspring, jump back handspring combo
Running: round off–back handspring-tuck, round off-tuck, front walkover through to round off-back handspring-tucks, punch fronts

Level 4
Standing: back tucks, back handspring-tucks, back handspring-layout, jump-back handspring-tuck combo
Running: whips, layouts, specialty pass to layout
Level 5 Restricted:
Standing: jump-tuck combo, standing pass that ends in a full twist
Running: fulls, specialty passes to full

Level 5
Standing: jump-tuck combo, standing passes that in a full or double full twist
Running: specialty passes to fulls, double fulls, specialty passes to double fulls