Dance Recreational Classes

We are excited to welcome many new qualified dance instructors from all over the country to the Fire Family. From ballet, tap, and jazz, to contemporary, hip hop, and strength classes, FIRE DANCE will strive to make each dancer as well rounded and hardworking as possible. It is our mission to ignite a passion for dance within each dancer that steps into the studio.


Compare and contrast the lifted and elongated moves of Jazz to the low, sharp and heavy moves of hip-hop in this upbeat class to make you feel like your in a music video on the big screen!
Warm ups, proper stretching, barre and floor work will train your body to have poise, lift and grace. Music and movement will be intertwined with emotion and fluidity to free the mind!


A great way to introduce your child to the world of dance! Ballet is the basic foundation for most all other dance forms and a wonderful way to gain large motor control, flexibility, strength and confidence! Learn classical ballet through barre, center, creative movement and dance games.

Musical Theatre

Learn how to become a triple threat with our musical theatre class! In this program, we will break down what it takes to create a professional show, and study all the aspects of how to be a strong performer for the Broadway stage! With our classical approach, we will travel back to the Golden Ages, as well as the modern musical theatre. We will study the separate aspects of acting with fun improv games, learn how to use our voices properly with song study, and learn to dance in a big chorus/ensemble with the most fun and upbeat numbers!

We will then throw all these techniques together to create our show. There will be audition prep for 1-2 mini showcases throughout the semester of the teacher’s Broadway show of choice.

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