Below you will find the most frequently asked questions our customers have when it comes to gymnastics at the Fire House Gym…

How old do you have to be to compete?
You need to be 5 years old to compete level 2, and 6 years old to compete level 3 and  7 years old to compete level 4 & up.

How long does your season run?
The competitive gymnastics program at Fire House Gym is a year round program.  Each new season begins in June with the competitive season typically running from December through April.

What are mobility requirements?
At Fire House our mobility requirements for level 2 and 3 are on coach recommendations.  For level 4 and up our gymnasts are required to qualify for state competition in order to be eligible for level mobility.

What is the difference between AAU and USAG organizations?
While the two organizations both work with the same routines and same scoring guidelines they do have different focuses.  The goal of the AAU gymnastics is to allow the athletes to compete and learn lessons and tools that will help them throughout life as well as in the sport.  USA gymnastics’s goal is to train exceptional gymnasts.  Keeping these goals in mind Fire House Gym works with the AAU organization for the lower levels (2 & 3) to provide an open opportunity for any child that is ready and interested in exploring the gymnastics sport.  Then for those gymnasts who discover a true passion and strength in the sport they will move onto USA Gymnastics competitions in level 4 & up.  Both organizations do a wonderful job of promoting the sport and both bring many strengths to our program.
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