Below you will find the most frequently asked questions our customers have when it comes to fierce training/rec classes at the Fire House Gym…

What does my child wear? 
Anything comfy. A shirt that is fitted and/or can be tucked in so when they go upside down their shirt doesn’t go up. Leotards are also welcome. We recommend either a leotard or shorts and a t-shirt.
Socks or No Socks? 
Absolutely your choice. What ever your child feels more comfortable with. When they go on the balance beam we will have them take their socks off so they do not slip. Also, when they go into the pit as it love to eat socks. Just kidding, but really it does like to pull off their socks so we have them take them off before they jump in the pit.
Where can I buy a leotard?
In our Fire Pro Shop we have many different choices of leotard for sale. You can also get leotards at Kohls, Target or Walmart.
Should I bring my child a drink?
Yes your child can bring a water bottle into the gym with them when they go into class. This is the best way to keep our athletes hydrated. Forgot a drink…..No worries, we have a water fountain in the gym and we also sell water bottles and sports drinks at the front desk!
What should we expect when we get to the gym?
You and your child should head straight to the front desk and check in for your class. Then you can have your child take off their shoes and wait for your coach to come out into the lobby and call your class. Your coach will call your child’s class and bring them into the gym for their class. At the end of their class the coach will walk your child out into the lobby and answer any questions you may have


More FAQ’s Coming Soon…