At Fire House Gym we offer both USAG and USTA power tumbling competitive options. We compete at both sanctioned events. Power Tumble is a sport composed of 3 events, Rod Floor, Trampoline and Double Mini Trampoline. The athletes compete in all 3 events receiving 3 separate scores from the judges.
Our program is built for athletes of all ages and all levels beginner to elite.  For the younger athletes we offer a Tiny Tumble Team which is made up of 3-6 years old’s who compete on all 3 events. These strong little athlete practice 1 hour a week and compete in 2-5 competitions.
The next step for these athletes is our USTA Power Tumble program made up of the best athletes aiming to qualify for the USA National Team. The program is made for athletes ages 5 to 20 years old.  They train 4 hours per week on their 3 events. These athletes range from Beginner to Advanced.
The highest level for our Power Tumble Team program is our Elite team. These Advanced and Elite athletes train 7 hours a week in the gym and striving to make the Worlds Power Tumble Team. Our athletes compete within the USA Gymnastics sanctioned events at 6-9 competitions a season all over the United States. You may have seen the USA competing in the Olympics on Trampoline. The goal of this team is for each of these athletes to obtain college scholarships.