Below you will find the most frequently asked questions our customers have when it comes to tumbling at the Fire House Gym…

What are the prerequisites to be on tumble team?
Anyone can choose to be on tumble team. We have divisions for all ages 3-18 and for all skill levels beginner to elite.

Does my child have to compete?
Yes. If you choose to do tumble team you will need to compete a minimum of one competition a season. We offer approximately 8 competitions a season.

When can I begin?
You can start at any time. There is no actual start date! The season runs June-June with no break. Nationals and Junior Olympics are in July!

What is tumble team?
It is a sport where you compete on trampoline, double mini trampoline and floor. You will learn passes for each event and compete them in front of judges! Power Tumbling is a sport in College and the Olympics!  Athletes can work their way up the levels and shoot to become and Elite. Then they can set to achieve making the USA Worlds Team or the USA Olympic team. The best part of the Power Tumble world is there are age groups and levels for everyone. This allows 3yr olds to Adults to partake in this fun sport at every level!

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