Elite Sports Training

At Power House, our drills and equipment are designed to strengthen fast-twitch muscles in order to maximize acceleration, deceleration, and change of direction. We teach young athletes the proper way to run, jump, land and cut. Coach Tom will teach proper stretching techniques to increase flexibility and decrease injury. It is our mission to build a new sense of mental toughness, work ethic, and confidence all while optimizing their athletic ability in a fun, competitive, and safe space.

Early on

Coach Tom has 10+ years experience guiding and mentoring athletes, helping them to achieve maximized performance levels and success in the sport of baseball. He also coached in the Elite level of Soccer, Basketball, Softball and Hockey. Coach Tom helps players nurture their existing competencies, while also learning and fostering new and beneficial skills.

Coach Tom coached as a Baseball Coach at the Sidewinder Travel Baseball and as Head Baseball Coach for Lake Villa Township.

Coach Tom helped train his son Ryan Noda – starting first baseman for the Oakland Athletics!


Power House Elite Athletic Training offers classes and private 1 on 1 training in Strength, Speed, and Agility, Basic Throwing Mechanics, Basic Hitting Technique, Infield, Foot, and Glove Work and MORE!